A history of building from the ground up

Unique from most people in the tech startup space, Zahra’s background is in construction. She describes often being the only one in a room full of engineers. However, it was her start in construction that ultimately led her to Vessyll. In Colorado, she owned a construction company and from the start was interested in energy efficiency and sustainable buildings. It started with wanting to learn and use the best materials, she prided herself in providing a quality product. Then she moved on to learning about all of the systems that go into building a home and how those could be more efficient. These building blocks are the unique foundation of the startup she would found years later.

Zahra also learned a lot about earthquake-proofing homes during her time in New Zealand. She lived in the country at the time of the major earthquake in Christchurch, which leveled the city. She felt called to move there and help in the disaster recovery efforts. That is a whole world in itself she says. Wanting to raise their family in the Midwest, Zahra and her partner Adam moved back to Minnesota in 2014.