CEEM thanks Governor Walz for clean energy policy leadership

March 4, 2019

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN –The Governor Walz Administration announced a plan on Monday morning to achieve 100 percent clean energy in the state’s electricity sector by 2050. Coming on the heels of this announcement, called the One Minnesota Path to Clean Energy, Clean Energy Economy MN (CEEM), its Board Chair and one of its business members released the following statements of support:

governor walz announces one minneosta path to clean energy“Today, Governor Walz set a clear direction for Minnesota that prioritizes clean energy’s role in driving economic growth and prosperity for decades to come. We know that as we increase the deployment of clean energy, jobs are created, greenhouse gas emissions are lowered, and we are less reliant on imported fossil fuels,” said Gregg Mast, Executive Director of CEEM. “A carbon-free future provides significant economic opportunities for Minnesota and our business community. We thank Governor Walz for his leadership.”

“Thank you Governor Walz for your commitment to a clean energy economy in Minnesota. Policy leadership on this issue is paramount to the success of clean energy businesses and our ability to sustain and grow jobs and investment. Now is the time for bold action, and that is exactly what you have delivered. This policy will once again ensure Minnesota continues to be a clean energy leader,” said Marty Morud, Board Chair of CEEM.

“Juhl Energy started in a small town in northern Minnesota more than 40 years ago. Over the years, as the clean energy technologies advanced and matured, I’ve watched attitudes towards clean energy change a lot since we first started our company,” said Dan Juhl, founder of Juhl Energy and current Chairman of the Board of Directors. “Clean energy is no longer just an environmental issue, it can be a real long-term rural economic development driver and keep billions of dollars in Minnesota’s economy. I’m so pleased to see Governor Walz’s announcement today that calls for 100% clean energy by 2050. His policy leadership will most certainly drive the growth of clean energy jobs and strengthen rural economies across the state.”

Governor Walz’s One Minnesota Path to Clean Energy has three parts:

  • 100 Percent Clean Energy by 2050. This standard would require all electric utilities in Minnesota to use only carbon-free energy resources by 2050, while allowing each utility the flexibility to choose how and at what pace they meet the standard.
  • Clean Energy First. This regulatory policy would require that, whenever a utility proposes to replace or add new power generation, it must prioritize energy efficiency and clean energy resources over fossil fuels.
  • Energy Optimization. This proposal would raise Minnesota’s Energy Efficiency Resource Standard for investor-owned electric utilities and expand the Conservation Improvement Program that helps Minnesota household and businesses save on their utilities bills by using energy more efficiently.


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