CEEM applauds new Clean Cars Minnesota Standards

September 25, 2019

New standards will speed adoption of zero emission vehicles, create jobs and strengthen Minnesota’s economy

MINNEAPOLIS – Clean Energy Economy MN (CEEM) applauds Governor Walz’s bold vision today, as he announces our state’s new Clean Cars Minnesota standards. Governor Walz has directed the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to implement two clean cars standards to reduce vehicle emissions in our state.

  • The low-emission vehicle (LEV) standard requires vehicle manufacturers to deliver passenger cars, trucks and SUVs that produce lower greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants for sale in Minnesota.
  • The zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) standard requires automobile manufacturers to deliver more vehicles with ultra-low or zero tailpipe emissions for sale in Minnesota, including electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid models.

This announcement will help speed Minnesota’s transition to a clean energy economy, says CEEM Executive Director Gregg Mast. 

“We know the transportation sector is the number one source of greenhouse gas emissions in our state. Adopting the Clean Cars Minnesota standards is a critical and necessary step in the right direction. Providing Minnesotans with expanded access to low and zero-emission vehicles is a good thing and improves our ability to swiftly move towards a clean transportation system. These standards will strengthen our economy, advance innovation, drive new investment and create jobs. We thank Governor Walz for his commitment to a clean energy future and ensuring that Minnesota leads the way here in the Midwest.” said Gregg Mast. 

According to the Walz Administration, implementing Clean Cars Minnesota will have positive ripple effects throughout the state.

  • Increase consumer choice: Despite the fact that many Minnesotans want to drive electric vehicles, manufacturers offer less than half of their models here, and instead offer them in states that have adopted clean car standards. Implementing clean car standards in Minnesota will unleash this market in our state, give Minnesotans greater access to vehicles with better fuel economy, and increase the availability of used electric vehicles.
  • Save Minnesotans money: America’s clean car standards have saved drivers in other state’s over $88 billion and counting. The clean car standards are estimated to save Minnesotans $320 million a year in 2030 and $750 million a year by 2040.
  • Improve public health and create jobs: The standards will improve public health by reducing emissions and protecting Minnesotans from air pollution in every corner of the state. Building out Minnesota’s electric vehicle infrastructure will create good-paying jobs and boost the economy across the state, particularly Minnesota’s rural electric cooperatives.

Already, more than 61,000 Minnesotans work in clean energy, with 40 percent of these jobs in Greater Minnesota.

Learn more about Clean Cars Minnesota standards here.

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