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Clean Energy Economy MN (CEEM) engages with federal, state and regulatory policymakers to help solve problems within Minnesota’s clean energy business ecosystem.

We’re also educating decision makers at all levels of government on how and why investing in clean energy technologies can improve the quality of life for all Minnesotans. We do this by providing educational opportunities about how and why clean energy is adding jobs, strengthening local economies, and contributing to a strong quality of life for Minnesota citizens.

The Minnesota Legislature and Minnesota’s Public Utilities Commission have decades of policy-making experience within the energy sector.

CEEM brings to the table a newer voice, by representing the business voice of clean energy businesses across sectors (including wind, solar, biomass, advanced grid and energy efficiency.)

This voice at the table provides an invaluable opportunity for legislators and policymakers to hear how policy decisions might affect a business’s bottom line, or could either help or hurt the industry’s ability to grow jobs.

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Our approach

CEEM engages heavily at the state level to educate lawmakers and provide expertise from the business community to help inform policy making.

Each fall we hold in-depth conversations with each of our member businesses to get a solid grasp on issues they are facing and areas of policy we can help with.

Throughout the year CEEM also engages with our federal delegation of elected officials to ensure they are well-informed about the latest Minnesota clean energy trends, data, and jobs numbers, as well as stay up-to-date on important issues impacting businesses in their districts.

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Each fall we hold in-depth conversations with each of our member businesses to get a solid grasp on business difficulties, and how policy might be able to help.

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When bills are passed in the Minnesota legislature, it is up to regulatory bodies to interpret and enact them. CEEM engages with the Department of Commerce and the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission to help implement sound regulatory policy.

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CEEM has leveraged its business voice to deliver policy that opened up millions in financing for clean energy projects across the state.

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