Clean energy permitting reform — an economic imperative

Permitting reform is the critical ingredient to Minnesota’s ability to achieve 100% carbon-free energy by 2040.

Last year, Governor Tim Walz signed one of the country’s strongest 100% bills into law. But for the clean energy businesses that will build the projects and the utilities that will own and operate and ultimately be responsible for getting their fleets to 100%, the passage of the law was just the first step.

In order to meet this target, Minnesota needs comprehensive reform to cut permitting times, slice through red tape and speed our transition to a clean energy future. The urgency of this matter is underscored by recently published reports from sources ranging from North Star Policy Action, to the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, all of which agree — that streamlining our environmental permitting process is an economic imperative to meet our state’s future needs.

The Minnesota Senate and House have both spent time this session hearing the Minnesota Energy Infrastructure Permitting Act, a bill supported by a wide variety of stakeholders. The time for disagreement is over, and the time for action is now. Minnesotan clean energy businesses depend on permitting reform passing during this legislative session.

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Gregg Mast, executive director of Clean Energy Economy Minnesota, Beth Soholt, executive director of the Clean Grid Alliance and Kevin Pranis, marketing manager with Laborers’ International Union of North America write about the importance of passing clean energy permitting reform this legislative session.

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