Rising up the ladder

Shellum started the company back in 2010, making Solar Connection the oldest and most experienced solar installer in Southeastern Minnesota. Since then, the company has installed 1,721,1000 watts of solar. Although the company focuses primarily on residential solar, it has also installed arrays on a wide number of projects – from Whitewater State Park, to large dairy farms, like Evergreen Knoll, to a pizza farm just south of Rochester.

Taylor began working as a solar installer for the company in 2013. Since then he’s risen steadily up the ladder, recently becoming a solar construction manager. His job is to manage the installation – from scheduling the workers and connecting with customers, to dropping off parts and watching the timetable to stay on track.

He tells us one of the coolest parts of his job is to see that look of excitement on his customers’ faces – no matter how big or small the installation. It’s those little moments of seeing customers find joy in producing their own electricity – that make him feel pride in his work.