A passion becomes a career

Madhu explains that his job as a machine learning developer is about teaching a computer to decipher thousands of different data sets so it can learn to find hidden patterns and relationships and offer crucial engineering insights into complex physical systems.

He says devices and apps we use every day are utilizing machine learning — like Snapchat.

“Your smartphone, there’s a bunch of apps in there that use machine learning. Siri for one. I mean, anything that uses voice assistance. If you have an Alexa at home, that’s my first go-to machine learning app. The fact that you can be in your kitchen cooking and talk to Alexa with all this noise going on, what’s basically happening is Alexa is pretty smart. She can figure out what the noise is and what human speech is.”

Because 75F is at its core — an energy efficiency company, Madhu spends his time teaching machines to understand how a building absorbs heat during the day, how it loses heat, how it responds to different heating and cooling loads, and so on.