Recruited to Mortenson

“They told me about a construction company with a reputation for innovation and they also highlighted that the company played in the renewable energy space,” Joffrey remembers.

The more he heard, the more his interest in Mortenson Construction was peaked.

“Mortensen is a $4 billion construction firm. About 70 percent of the company is commercial construction and about 30 percent of the company is energy and infrastructure. On the energy and infrastructure side, legacy businesses are solar and wind. We also have a high voltage transmission business,” Joffrey tells us.

Joffrey was ultimately recruited to join the company’s Integrated Energy Solutions team. He spends his days figuring out which energy projects Mortenson should be putting their time and resources towards. Specifically, he focuses on assets like micro-grids, which enable users and owners to control their own energy destiny. Some days, it’s about bringing in more renewable energy, controlling costs or focusing on being more resilient – with an eye toward the future and modernizing our state and country’s existing electrical grid.