Problem-solving bigger turbines

“A just-in-time delivery would allow the parts to come in sequentially, so they can be offloaded and erected as they come in,” says Cari. “Typically, you do one turbine per day so ideally you’re going to deliver a base section, midsection, top section, nacelle and a hub, and the associated blades that go with that to a pad in a day.”

The company is figuring out how to transport even larger wind turbines — sometimes even removing sign posts from roadways to help ease a truck’s passage through a narrow turn.

“The project I’m most proud of is probably Red Pine. I have family that lives in the area, so it was fun because each day, they would send me pictures of the components traveling to the site and they’re so large that the kids just think it’s fun. There’s always a sense of pride when it’s in your backyard and it’s visible to everybody,” she tells us.