Solar racking and mounting

Adam explains that the company is diversified, intentionally working with different markets. One of those markets has been drawing an increasing amount of Alexandria Industries’ attention lately ―the solar industry.

While most folks might be thinking about the solar panels themselves — Adam spends his time thinking about the racking and creating a support system to hold the panels in place.

“A fun fact about solar racking; each component for one solar rack is made with its own manufacturing process. We looked at every different piece individually. How are we going to make this component? What’s the smartest way to manufacture it? Some pieces are made on machines we purchased, and some of them are made using proprietary equipment we designed and made in-house,” Adam explains.

Adam says the solar market has quickly become an important part of Alexandria Industries business model —making up around 10 percent of its work. A decade ago when he started with the company, he says solar wasn’t even on their radar.