MN Clean Jobs Numbers

More than 57,000 Minnesotans now work in clean energy according to Clean Jobs Midwest - a comprehensive survey of clean energy jobs throughout the 12-state Midwest region conducted by Clean Energy Trust, E2, and BW Research. Minnesota’s clean energy sector has grown 5.3 percent since 2015—adding more than 2,800 jobs. This growth was 3.8 times faster than all other areas of Minnesota’s economy.

Minnesota has the potential to add even more clean energy jobs. Through smart, predictable state and federal policies and the ingenuity of our business community, our state can be competitively positioned to maximize the economic opportunity presented by the rapid transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy.

Companies have cited Minnesota’s Renewable Energy Standard (RES), and Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS) as policies that provide market certainty for the renewable energy generation and energy efficiency sectors to expand and become more established.

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Clean Jobs Midwest – MN Summary

Clean Jobs Midwest – MN Summary PDF

Who works in clean energy?

People working in clean energy have jobs in energy efficiency (advanced building materials, HVAC, efficient lighting), renewable energy generation (wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, and low-impact hydro), advanced transportation (vehicles using advanced and alternative fuel sources), clean fuels (like woody and non-woody biofuels, including non-corn ethanol), and advanced grid (how energy is stored and distributed to consumers).

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How many people work in each subsector of clean energy?

Energy efficiency employs the largest number of people—86.1% of the clean energy workforce. However, in Minnesota, jobs in renewable energy generation have experienced the fastest growth among the different subsectors at a rate 11 times faster than overall job growth. 

Sector Breakdown
Jobs in renewable energy generation grew the fastest among the different subsectors at a rate of 15.7 percent since 2015. Minnesota’s solar and wind energy sectors now employ over 5,700 people.

Renewable Energy Subsectors, 2016

Another way to view clean energy jobs are the industries they are associated with as part of the larger economic value chain. Construction plays a significant role in Minnesota’s clean energy sector. Our state has the largest percentage of clean energy jobs in construction across the Midwest region.

Clean Energy Jobs Value Chain, 2016

Where are clean energy jobs located?

Jobs in clean energy are located in communities across the state. Entrepreneurs and small businesses drive the sector—nearly 80% of businesses in clean energy employ fewer than 25 individuals. Outside of the Twin Cities, Duluth and St. Cloud are the metro areas with the largest number of clean energy jobs. Check out an interactive map to see clean energy jobs employment by county, district and metro areas.

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