About Minnesota Energy Alley

Minnesota Energy Alley was developed to increase Minnesota’s market competitiveness at a time of unprecedented global investment in emerging energy and clean technologies. This initiative is a public-private collaboration providing multiple programs and services to energy entrepreneurs and startups to support their growth with the potential for Minnesota partnership and global impact. Minnesota Energy Alley is a partnership of CEEM, Grid Catalyst and the State of Minnesota.

Minnesota Energy Alley follows the successful model for partnership and innovation established by Medical Alley, which is widely recognized as one of the most dynamic and successful medical technology clusters in the world. Energy and cleantech offer a similar opportunity for our region, building on Minnesota’s proven track record in business and forward-thinking policies to encourage energy innovation and deployment. Strengthening our business pathways now will help Minnesota claim our fair share of a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity in energy and cleantech.

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Advancing the Clean Energy Economy in Minnesota

To achieve market growth and attract investment, we must nurture and grow a connected energy innovation ecosystem, from startups and investors to globally competitive businesses. We need an onramp for new businesses and innovation, a go-to partner for international collaboration and trade, and continued efforts to build the skilled workforce necessary to meet the growing talent demands in this sector.

We are cultivating partnerships and programming to elevate Minnesota’s attractiveness as a go-to region for energy and clean technology while spurring job creation, leveraging private investment, and strengthening our state’s economy.

These include the following initiatives that support this vision:

Business voice of clean energy

We deliver the business voice of clean energy to educate decision-makers, policymakers, and the public through a strong and growing membership.

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Connecting industry relationships

We bring the expertise of energy efficiency and clean energy business leaders together to foster innovation and forge new relationships.

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Policy & regulatory strategy

We use a market-driven, business-focused strategy to be the go-to source for clean energy business representation across Minnesota.

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Programming for entrepreneurs and startups

Minnesota Energy Alley provides a critical resource to support entrepreneurs and startups developing solutions in Minnesota or to benefit a Minnesota-based partner. CEEM works with Grid Catalyst, a Minnesota-based energy accelerator, to manage this entrepreneur-focused programming, including network-building and resources for early-stage innovators and demonstration opportunities for later-stage startups. A grant from the Minnesota Department of Commerce enables the following innovation programming:

  • Demonstration cohorts: Matching startups with strategic partnerships and pilot projects in Minnesota, with projects receiving seed funding from Minnesota Energy Alley based on their strategic value and impact within the state. Learn more about the Demonstration Cohort program.
  • Entrepreneur education and support: To build up our innovation ecosystem, Grid Catalyst will be providing new programming in 2024 to introduce energy professionals to entrepreneurship, provide industry-specific support and training, and enable more innovators to start and grow their businesses.
  • Network building: CEEM and Grid Catalyst provide regular events and opportunities to connect with other industry partners, educators, researchers, policymakers, and others looking to make an impact in energy and innovation. The Grid Catalyst events are part of the Minnesota Energy Alley initiative and will have more focus on connections for startups. Additional information on events can be found on the CEEM event page or Grid Catalyst event page.

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