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A survey conducted by nonprofit organization The Solar Foundation found Minnesota’s solar job total has increased from 1,995 in 2015 to 4,602 in 2018, making it 15th in the nation for solar workforce size.
Smart grid upgrades may offer less risk in some areas, but experts say conventional transmission projects are still needed in others.
Minnesota has cut its greenhouse gas emissions steadily in recent years as electric utilities around the state gave up coal to fire their generators.
Representative Kiel has championed a bill the past two legislative sessions that would assist Minnesota homeowners in addressing the financial challenges associated with purchasing an advanced biomass heating system.
Clean energy jobs are booming, especially in Minnesota. Employment in Minnesota’s energy sector could increase by 300 percent, according to a recent study conducted by the McKnight Foundation.
Jobs are a frequent topic of conversation among public officials across our state and country. I pay close attention to the economic health of our state, region, and, most importantly, city of Duluth.
For any business owner, the bottom line matters. So when we first heard about energy-efficiency programs that have saved Minnesotans more than $6 billion, it caught our attention.
Across the region, the adoption of energy efficiency and clean energy solutions is booming. Here’s why business and community leaders should be paying attention.
The nonprofit works to forge common ground among utilities, business, labor and environmental groups on energy solutions.
The trends in corporate America, and the environmental movement, are too strong to bend to current anti-environment rhetoric.