CEEM in the News

While EVS and other renewable energy firms work hard at implementing solar solutions across the state of Minnesota, Clean Energy Economy MN works hard on the front lines to make sure state leaders continue to move clean energy policies forward.
John Dunlop, engineer and energy consultant, is a 45-year pioneer of the renewable-energy movement in Minnesota. He also was the chairman of the recent national conference of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) in Bloomington that drew 300 energy experts and others focused on “ramping up the use of renewable energy to attack the climate crisis.” Gregg Mast, a business veteran and CEO of Clean Energy Economy Minnesota, also addressed the conference. This conversation is edited from prepared remarks and
The cost of solar energy has dropped by 80% over the last decade and wind by about 65% since 2009, according to Dunlop and Gregg Mast, executive director of business-led Clean Energy Economy Minnesota. The state’s utilities, led by Xcel and Great River, are exceeding their goals for renewable-energy use and for cutting carbon emissions. The emissions are the No. 1 contributor to global warming and the resultant weather extremes that already are extracting a disastrous price.
Gas peaker plants may be among the first casualties of a new Minnesota law requiring utilities to include energy storage as part of their long-range plans.
The administrator of a Minnesota clean energy financing program expects hundreds of millions of dollars in new projects to qualify thanks to changes signed into law last month as part of a state budget deal.
Officials say a provision in this year’s omnibus jobs and economic development finance bill could unlock hundreds of millions in new development.
St. Paul-based All Energy Solar, the designer and installer of solar-power systems for homes and businesses in six states, has moved to a larger location in St. Paul’s Energy Park industrial-commercial area that is three times its previous space a couple miles away.
In the April 20 "Statewide View" column in the News Tribune, "Don't believe inflated clean-energy jobs projections," a writer from the Center of the American Experiment presented a bleak view — with dubious support — about a great economic story in our state: clean energy job growth.
I believe that electricity is the fuel of the future. Everyday Minnesotans are noticing the rapid increase in solar and wind-producing power in our lives.
As America and Minnesota look to increase the use of renewable fuels, particularly wind and solar, there are significant economic development opportunities for the communities that can capitalize on the building and serving the needs of these industries.