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A new accelerator headquartered in Minneapolis will offer funding and guidance to Minnesota energy startups, with a specific focus on technologies for colder climates.
Grid Catalyst, one of the first Midwest clean-energy business accelerators, will have its inaugural class of startups this fall.
One of the few bipartisan bills to emerge from this year’s legislative session could offer businesses and homeowners more opportunities to invest in green technologies and energy efficiency.
Emissions from the state’s power sector fell 40% since 2011, and due to the low cost of natural gas and other economic conditions caused by the pandemic, emissions dropped 17% in the last year alone.
Ox in the Afternoon - Listen to Ox chat with Executive Director of the Clean Energy Economy MN Gregg Mast on how MN is doing regarding clean energy below.
When Minnesota Power flipped the switch on the Nobles 2 wind farm in southwestern Minnesota last December, it became the first Minnesota utility to generate 50% of its electricity from renewable sources.
MINNEAPOLIS -- A new report shows continued growth for clean energy in Minnesota, despite the pandemic and other challenges.
With most prime community solar sites already developed in the Twin Cities, the industry is asking state lawmakers to loosen a limit on how close customers must be located to projects in order to subscribe.
When Minnesota first adopted a 25% renewable energy standard and passed the Next Generation Energy Act to reduce statewide emissions in 2007, it moved to the head of the pack for United States climate policy. But plummeting solar and wind prices and increasingly frequent extreme weather events have accelerated climate action, and many states have now surpassed Minnesota’s ambition, with 11 setting 100% clean electricity targets.
Minnesota’s clean energy industry is a bright spot in our state’s resilient and innovative economy. And a new economic analysis shows even greater potential for state economic development and growth, as long as we make the right investments in energy efficiency and clean energy technologies.