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Representative Kiel has championed a bill the past two legislative sessions that would assist Minnesota homeowners in addressing the financial challenges associated with purchasing an advanced biomass heating system.
Jobs are a frequent topic of conversation among public officials across our state and country. I pay close attention to the economic health of our state, region, and, most importantly, city of Duluth.
For any business owner, the bottom line matters. So when we first heard about energy-efficiency programs that have saved Minnesotans more than $6 billion, it caught our attention.
Across the region, the adoption of energy efficiency and clean energy solutions is booming. Here’s why business and community leaders should be paying attention.
Clean energy is moving from trend to business-as-usual, but skilled labor is proving hard to find.
The trends in corporate America, and the environmental movement, are too strong to bend to current anti-environment rhetoric.
The nonprofit works to forge common ground among utilities, business, labor and environmental groups on energy solutions.
When most of us hear the words “energy efficiency” we might think of swapping out our light bulbs or purchasing low-flow showerheads, little things, but likely not something most of get jazzed about.
“Clean energy” advocates this summer asserted Minnesota’s conservation-and renewable industries are growing jobs faster than the overall economy.
With Minnesota’s utilities set to exceed the state’s Renewable Energy Standard, a statewide clean energy association is talking with candidates for governor to promote a higher mandate, to help attract renewables investment and jobs.