Key findings from the factsheet

Of electricity provided by renewables

Renewable sources provided 33 percent of Minnesota’s electricity including wind, solar, hydro and biomass.

Of power from zero-carbon sources

Zero-carbon sources produced the majority of Minnesota’s electricity for the fourth consecutive year.

Power sector emissions reduction

Minnesota’s power sector has reduced its emissions by 10 percent in the last year.


In 2023, 17,383 electric vehicles were registered, up from 11,250 in 2022.

About the Minnesota Energy Factsheet

The Minnesota Energy Factsheet is a companion to the 2024 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook. This project is made possible with partnership from the Business Council for Sustainable Energy and data contributions from BloombergNEF and the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

The Factsheet outlines key trends in the energy sector. As America continues its transformation to cleaner, cheaper sustainable energy, Minnesota continues to be a leader both regionally and nationally.

These statistics, along with other highlights described below, show how Minnesota is working to create a strong clean energy economy. To learn about the clean energy jobs that are facilitating this work, visit our Clean Jobs page.

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Clean energy is powering the state

For the fourth consecutive year, zero-carbon power remained the majority of Minnesota’s electricity with 54% of the state’s power provided, including wind, solar, hydro and biomass — outpacing the national share of 42%.

Renewable technologies provided 33% of Minnesota’s generation in 2023. In the last decade, renewables accounted for 84% of all new capacity with a total installed renewable capacity rising to 6.8GW in 2023.

This year’s factsheet is a testament to Minnesota’s leadership and commitment to an energy system that is sustainable and secure. Our achievements in reducing power sector emissions, expanding renewable energy deployment, and leading the charge in electric vehicle adoption are a result of strong policy and business innovation at the state and local level.

Gregg Mast Executive Director, Clean Energy Economy MN

Minnesota is reducing its emissions

Minnesota continues to outpace the nation in emission reductions – now 54% below 2005 levels compared to a 42% reduction nationwide.

Indexed to 2005 levels, power sector emissions in Minnesota dropped 10% last year to near 2020 levels.

Hydrogen puts Minnesota on the map

The IRA has significantly incentivized hydrogen projects, which is evident in the rapid increase in hydrogen supply and electrolyzer shipments. Cummins, which specializes in diesel and alternative fuel engines and generators, shipped almost 6% of the the national’s total electrolyzers from their Fridley, Minnesota, location.

Minnesota is moving our Climate Action Framework into action by supporting Minnesota’s clean energy businesses with historic investments – whether through the new Energy Alley, through partnerships to bring in billions of Federal dollars, or through programs like Solar for Schools. The data released today show the success of public and private sectors working together to grow Minnesota’s clean energy economy.

Grace Arnold Minnesota Department of Commerce Commissioner

Minnesota is a leader in energy efficiency

Minnesota is ranked first in the Midwest and tenth in the country for its overall energy efficiency programs according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

Minnesota’s energy productivity, measuring how efficiently we use energy, increased to 33% from 31% in 2022.


Minnesotans are increasingly adopting electric vehicles, with a 55% increase in registered EVs between 2022 and 2023.

There are now 56,010 registered EVs on Minnesota roads, an increase that follows national trends. From 2019 through 2023, annual battery electric vehicle registrations increased 13X.

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