USGBC MN Women in Green

October 13, 2022
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This year, USGBC will celebrate individual empowerment through collective opportunities. Rising Collective reflects on the spirit of togetherness, of unity and the value of partnership during arduous times. At Women in Green, we’ll use our collective voice to help strengthen our work in an effort to rise farther, faster.

With the passing of the IRA what are the opportunities for women to take the lead in sustainability? The bill will create over 9 million clean energy jobs, allows for tax credits and incentives for renewable energy, and electric vehicles, allows for walkable and safe neighborhood infrastructure and transit dollars, and will put a $60 billion focus on environmental justice, acknowledging communities that have taken the brunt of climate change while using the least resources. There will be a lot of opportunities to lead, make change, shift focus, and call people in to the sustainability movement. How do we, as women, lift one another up and sponsor one another for leadership positions, opportunities in our communities, and ways to come together to create lasting change that benefits future generations? Let’s discuss with local women blazing trails in energy, environmental justice, and entrepreneurship in our communities.

Women in Green provides a space for leaders who are shifting the narrative on empowerment, access, and impact. We will gather female leaders for powerful discussions and networking that remind us that each of us is a person of great influence. That each woman is part of stronger whole, making an impact on building a brighter and more inclusive future.

Students or those requiring registration assistance for any reason may contact Steph Leonard, to request registration fee support or feel free to select the “Pay What You Can” under tickets, no questions asked.

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