Minnesota Business Community Effective Leadership Workshop

May 17, 2024
Experience the power of collaboration as we gather with colleagues from across the MN business community to explore the art and science of effective leadership. Our facilitation techniques and broad synthesis of research from a variety of fields creates an immersive multi-sensory experience that will guide you in exploring not just your desired outcomes, but the critical behaviors that pave the path to success.
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Workshop – The Science Museum of MN is hosting an immersive day-long multi-sensory workshop for business leaders to strengthen leadership practice and culture to meet the evolving needs of today’s workplace.

This is a research-based and backed national delivery model locally led in partnership with the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce, the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce, and the Science Museum of MN’s IDEAL Center.

In this day-long workshop you will:

– Delve into the realm of systems thinking and adaptive change, unlocking new approaches for navigating complexity and fostering resilience within your organization.
– Connect with a community of peers, where learning is a shared endeavor and leadership action is cultivated through learning, teaching and strategic collaboration.
– Practice the art of nurturing trust within your teams, fostering a culture where authenticity and collaboration thrive.
– Leave equipped with practical strategies for bridging differences, translating theory into action, and driving tangible results.

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