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Clean energy provides affordable, reliable energy that benefits all Minnesotans. Policies at the state level can play a big role in shaping our clean energy transition. Know how ‘the candidates running to represent you feel about this topic before you cast your ballot this November.

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CEEM works with clean energy businesses across Minnesota to bring their unique voice to our policymakers at the Minnesota Capitol. We also work to tell the stories of clean energy businesses, workers and projects and help the public understand the benefits of a clean energy economy.

Clean Energy FAQs

There are a lot of questions about Minnesota’s transition to a clean energy future. Here we answer some of the most commonly asked questions to help debunk fact from fiction.

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We work between the aisle with policymakers to advance energy efficiency and clean energy innovation that diversifies and strengthens Minnesota’s economy.

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Join our coalition of 40+ energy efficiency and clean energy businesses representing Fortune 100 and 500 companies, right alongside innovative new startups.

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