Show your support for Freeborn Wind

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Between now and June 11, the Minnesota Public Utility Commission is accepting public comments regarding the Freeborn Wind Farm’s Transmission Line Route Permit.

The permit, which is essential for the farm’s development, will establish a 7-mile long, 161-kilovolt high-voltage transmission line (HVTL) designed to connect the proposed Freeborn Wind Farm to an existing substation near the city of Glenville. There has been significant opposition to the Freeborn Wind Farm, making a show of support for the farm vital to the passing of the permit.

Benefits to Minnesota from wind:

  • The wind industry employs upwards of 3,000 people in Minnesota.
  • 20 facilities in Minnesota produce products utilized by the wind industry, from blades and towers to raw components, like fiberglass and steel, that comprise a wind farm.
  • Jobs – the Freeborn Wind Farm will generate as many as 200 jobs during construction and employ approximately 10 full-time operations and maintenance (O&M) staff.
  • Economic development– over $70 million in landowner payments and over $40 million in local tax revenue over the project lifespan.
  • Benefits for local communities – increased tax base for townships and counties within the project footprint.
  • Additional income to support farming families - provides a hedge against commodity prices.

Supporters of the project are encouraged to submit letters to the Commission to give them a sense of the many positive impacts the project will have on the state and local community. Write a letter that includes information about yourself (i.e. your name, if you’re a resident in Freeborn or Worth County, etc.) and why you support the project by talking about benefits. Mail or email your letter to the Commission via Dan Wolf at or

MN Public Utility Commission
c/o Dan Wolf, Executive Director
121 7th Place East, Suite 350
St. Paul, MN 55101

All letters must include the subject line, “Regarding PUC Docket TL-17-322.”

For more information on letter submission click here.