Introducing Tiffanie Connelly - Social Media and Marketing Specialist

April 22, 2020
I am Tiffanie Connelly and am joining the CEEM team as the Social Media and Marketing Specialist.

tiffanie connelly headshotI am Tiffanie Connelly and am joining the CEEM team as the Social Media and Marketing Specialist. Interviewing during COVID-19 was unique, but the team at CEEM handled it seamlessly. Instead of meeting everyone in person, we used video chats to talk and interview. Having a completely virtual onboarding is another interesting challenge posed by the stay at home order, but on the positive side, my first-day commute was definitely less stressful. I am so excited to virtually join this amazing group of people and I will be even more excited to eventually meet everyone in person.

Getting into the clean energy ecosystem

I am greatly looking forward to getting involved in the clean energy sector. I am truly inspired by the amount of industry experience and knowledge the rest of the team holds and am grateful to be diving in with them by my side. Clean energy is a topic that our society has been learning a lot about over the last decade. I will be working hard to amplify the voice of clean energy businesses on social media and across all communication channels. 2020 has been a challenging year so far with the COVID-19 crisis and I aim to provide a lighter message of hope to cut through the communication clutter for economic growth and recovery through clean energy jobs and business expansion. I will be working with the team to provide digestible pieces of content that resonate with everyday Minnesotans. Clean energy is a smart business decision and I look forward to the challenge of communicating that message to a statewide audience.

Background and experience

I have a diverse background ranging from mid-size nonprofit to Union labor to marketing agency. I’ve learned so much from each of my previous positions that I am carrying with me to CEEM. Starting at a mid-size nonprofit in a small marketing department allowed me to begin my career as a social media specialist, graphic designer, project manager, and website designer all at once. I was fortunate to learn and grow in each of these areas. It also armed me with the knowledge that working for a mission is an absolute necessity of any position I have.

Working to promote Union labor gave me a front row seat into the power of organizing and legislative activism. I also got a direct line to hear and share member stories and learn more about the people who work to build this state. Working with this population has shaped my views of the people in Minnesota and how hardworking and humble they are. It also enriched my understanding of policy and legislation and just how much both can impact organizations and people.

My most recent work at a digital marketing agency immersed me into the world of SEO, SEM, pay-per-click, and the power of digital communication. I spent most of my time working on large web builds and learning the process of discovery through the design, content, development and post-launch work. I was fortunate to be involved deeply in these projects and have taken so many key tactics and strategies with me that I will use to benefit CEEM and our members.

More about the person behind the screen

I grew up in Wisconsin and Minnesota and consider myself a true Midwesterner. I am currently in a bake-off with a neighbor and enjoy the occasional 30+ minute goodbye. I am in a very fast-paced phase of life these days. In the past year I married my husband, Tom, bought a house in Plymouth, and got a quirky, loveable Mini Australian Shepherd, Bruce. When I’m not crafting content for the Internet, you can find me running around the lake, baking an amazing loaf of crusty bread or crafting some homemade cards.

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