Introducing Mayande Mamba - Policy Intern

February 6, 2024
Hi everyone, my name is Mayande Mamba and I am joining the CEEM team as a policy intern. I am excited about my role and being part of the organization, and look forward to learning more about the amazing work CEEM does.
Mayande Policy Intern

Climate and Sustainability Journey

My passion for sustainability started in Norway, where I was pursuing my high school education under the United World Program. I was tasked with producing an economic research paper and landed on a topic that dealt with food waste. I began collecting data from my school campus cafeteria, using a weighted computer program that would track each plate of discarded food. This was an exciting process that gave me a large amount of data revealing how much food the average Norwegian high school wasted. This research expanded to a larger scale, where I began interviewing people in the local government and businesses on some of the strategies that were being implemented to help reduce food waste in the country. My growing research allowed me to explore national climate focused policies that aimed to reduce food waste and promote sustainability, building my passion for the field.

Mayande Policy Intern

Climate research projects in college

After completing my research paper and graduating, I moved to the US to complete my college education at Macalester College, where I am currently pursuing a double major in Economics and Mathematics. In the summer of 2023, I worked as a data and digital

intern at the Institute of State Effectiveness. My role as an intern was to conduct research on climate reform plans by Small Island Developing States, and produce granular code that was entered into a reform sequencing tracker used by the organization. This allowed me to continue growing my passion for sustainability and climate focused issues. One of the program’s highlights occurred when we received news that the climate reforms we, as interns, were researching and coding, had been actively implemented by the President of Botswana to strategically restructure policies. This filled me with so much excitement and a sense of pride in the tangible impact our work was having at such a high level.

I continue to explore climate related topics, including recent interest and research into carbon capture and storage technologies. I enjoy reading about the growing developments in these fields, and I look forward to learning more. Through this role, I am excited to be part of a team and working towards goals that serve a bigger purpose to society.

Mayande Headshot

About Me

I am originally from the Kingdom of Eswatini, located in South Africa, where I was born and raised. I completed my high school education in Eswatini and Norway, and am currently an international student at Macalester College as a Sophomore. I am the only daughter of three children and the last born, which made it even harder for my mother to let me travel the world all by myself. However, the experience has allowed me to grow as a person and learn more about different cultures and experiences beyond the borders of Eswatini. I have one dog and 6 cats that I get to see when I travel back home, the oldest cat being 18 years and going strong. In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies, karaoke and making memories with friends.

“It is in your hands, to make a better world for all who live in it.” -Nelson Mandela

Fun facts

  • I can’t swim but I am a great diver and did diving in apnea for about 2 years
  • I am deathly afraid of frogs
  • I have traveled to one of the largest exposed granite pluton in the world

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