Introducing Benjamin Stafford; Director of Policy and Public Affairs

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I’m excited to join the Clean Energy Economy Minnesota team as their new Director of Policy & Public Affairs. I’m passionate about addressing challenges to redefine our relationship with energy -- how it is generated, consumed, how

companies can be innovative and grow, and how we can collectively do good things together in the energy sector.

My job is to help CEEM’s members and stakeholders think about how Minnesota can explore options and opportunities around energy policies and regulations. We’re looking at the future and figuring out how we can work together to make our energy use better — cleaner, more reliable, affordable, and sustainable.

My many passions include management, business development and earning relationships, along with public policy and communication -- all areas in which I engage with daily. I enjoy working with clean energy businesses, government officials and legislators, energy companies, trade associations, climate organizations, and others to create pathways for public policy options. That often requires sorting through the thicket of business and policy issues that await us all! If I were to have a catchphrase, it would be "let's think together."

Through a variety of roles in my career -- in government, academia, at a national trade association, and in consulting, I have enjoyed using my passions and skills alongside others. I'm lucky to have a wide network of professionals that touch a number of facets of industry and feel humbled by the opportunity to learn from that network nearly every day.

There is huge opportunity for innovation around energy. Trillions of dollars will be invested worldwide in building and modernizing energy systems over the next ten years. That translates to trillions in opportunity to create business for good, right here in Minnesota. That’s creating shared value. Let’s make that happen!

If you believe that I can help you and/or your colleagues, feel free to connect!

Contact: | Mobile: 937.408.1742