How to make the most of Clean Energy Business Day

February 13, 2023
Whether this will be your first time at Clean Energy Business Day or your seventh, you can utilize the following tips to get the most out of the day.

If it's your first time at the Capitol

minnesota state capitol

If this will be your first time at the Minnesota Capitol, welcome! We encourage you to arrive early to find time to park and make your way into the building (it’s the one with the gold on top!) If weather permits, leave your jacket in the car, it can be hard to find places to store jackets inside. On that note, the dress code at the Capitol is typically business-professional. The Capitol has plenty of water fountains, so bring a reusable water bottle and a snack or two. If you’re worried about finding your legislator’s office, please come early and find an event staff member in room G20A (in the basement) from 9 AM – noon on March 9.

Gregg Mast at the Minnesota State Capitol

Join us for the rally at the Rotunda

To get the full context for Clean Energy Business Day at the Capitol, you should join us for our event in the Capitol rotunda. Here, we will hear from event organizers about the history of the event and why the business voice is so important at the legislature. Majority Leader Jamie Long is also expected to join us and speak about his recent win with the passage of the 100% Clean Energy by 2040 bill and other movement at the Capitol. We will also hear from Commissioner Grace Arnold of the Minnesota Department of Commerce and she will present a proclamation from Governor Walz declaring March 9, 2023 Clean Energy Business Day in Minnesota. This gathering provides the excitement, passion and inspiration to keep educating our lawmakers about the benefits of energy efficiency and clean energy in Minnesota.

clean energy business day roundtable

Come to Room 316

After the rotunda gathering, we will meet in room 316 to hear from legislative leaders and partner organizations about bills that are moving and other efforts across the participating organizations. This is a great place to congregate between meetings with your legislators, gather information, network and relax. There will be light refreshments available as well as handouts about clean energy policies to discuss during your meetings.

How to meet with your legislator

How to make the most of a group meeting with your legislator

During our day of education, many participants will be meeting with their legislators. These meetings are usually with multiple constituents, so they can be a little different than a one on one meeting with a lawmaker. For a group meeting, it is best to meet a few minutes ahead near your meeting location to review your strategy. Know what is most important for each constituent to share and try to allow time for each participant to get their point across. Be brief and respectful of others as you make your case. You can always follow up with an email to their legislative assistant with more details about your specific needs. Be sure to leave any materials with your legislator as well, so they can refer back to them.

Women at CEEM networking event

Happy hour and networking tips

One of the best parts of gathering so many business and clean energy leaders together for this day is the opportunity to network at the happy hour after the events of the day. Join us at 4:30 PM at the Peddler’s Pub at Capitol Ridge for appetizers and drinks and networking. Our top tips for networking success:

  • Be genuinely curious – ask other people questions and listen to what they have to say
  • Bring business cards – you want to have a way to stay in touch if you do connect with someone
  • Practice your “pitch” if you’re nervous – who are you and what do you do?
  • Keep it light – there is no pressure to make the next biggest deal of your career here. You can show up, enjoy yourself and meet some new people who are interested in clean energy
  • Try keeping your conversations in a U shape, instead of a circle so more people are able to join

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