Grid Catalyst announces its inaugural demonstration cohort

April 1, 2022
Grid Catalyst, a program of CEEM, announced its first demonstration cohort for 2022. Five clean energy startups have been paired with Minnesota businesses to demonstrate their emerging technology in our Northern climate. These projects are a crucial step for startups to prove their technology can work on a larger scale.
grid catalyst 2022 cohort

2022 Clean Energy Cohort Announced

Less than a year after its founding, Grid Catalyst has announced its first demonstration cohort. Grid Catalyst, a program of CEEM, is the Midwest’s first – and only – clean energy accelerator. Within Minnesota, clean energy markets are growing and project funding is becoming more readily available. Grid Catalyst and its group of host and conduit partners (called the Innovators Network) work to break down the barriers that prevent small-scale organizations from capitalizing on these opportunities. Proving new technology can work in Minnesota’s challenging climate will help accelerate Minnesota towards a clean energy future, bringing the potential for economic growth and more clean energy jobs to the state.

Clean energy partnerships

Grid Catalyst’s accelerator model pairs late-stage clean energy startups with leaders in the clean energy industry. These leaders vary in scale, from nonprofits to Fortune 500 businesses to local governments. Once a business is paired with a startup, the two organizations work together to implement and showcase the startup’s clean energy product or technology in a large-scale environment.

All of the startups chosen to be a part of the 2022 cohort take unique financial and technical approaches to their projects. The startups’ partner organization support the startups through the development and deployment of their clean energy technology, while providing access to clean energy markets. By introducing new technology to wider audiences, the accelerator expands upon Minnesota’s clean energy economy.

“Minnesota is well-positioned to be a cold-climate technology hub, attracting innovators and entrepreneurs to team up with our energy leaders in the public and private sector to deploy groundbreaking climate solutions,” said Nina Axelson, founder of Grid Catalyst. “The five exceptional startups in our inaugural cohort will use this platform to demonstrate cutting-edge technologies with potential for global impact.”

Meet this year’s startup cohort

grid catalyst cohort technology

The 2022 Energy Startup Cohort is made up of five startups, featuring projects ranging from a mobile application to grid-forming technology.

Darcy Solutions – Minnesota

Partners: University of Minnesota and Otter Tail Power

At the UM Morris campus, Darcy Solutions will demonstrate a unique heating and cooling integration system. This system harnesses the thermal advantages of water and consistent temperatures of shallow areas in the Earth’s surface. The result is a cooling and heating system that is cost-effective and sustainably feasible.

Emerald Technologies Group – GetGreen – Washington

Partner: Ecolibrium3

This joint project features a mobile application that supports an eco-friendly lifestyle. Based on a user’s daily habits, the application will suggest sustainable activities, goods and services that are nearby.


Partner: 3M

INOVUES takes retrofits existing facades and windows with energy-saving and smart glass innovations. This process is non-invasive and offers a low-carbon solution that saves up to 40% on energy consumption. For residents, their interior comfort is increased along with the property’s overall market value.

Renew Power Systems, Inc. (RPSI) – Minnesota

Partner: Renewable Energy Partners

Later this year, RPSI’s grid-forming technology will be on display in North Minneapolis. The technology is based on a non-linear circuit that supports the formation of autonomous and decentralized grids. The grids can be in either rural or urban areas, and they will all have improved network stability and reliability.

StorEn Technologies – New York

Partner: Connexus Energy

Rather than traditional lithium batteries, StorEn’s batteries come with a longer duration and at a lower cost. They can be used in microgrid and grid scale energy storage facilities, while also serving as backup power solutions.

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