Clean Energy Economy Minnesota Welcomes You

March 22, 2016

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering where to go – where to get connected – to what’s happening in the clean energy industry in Minnesota, you’ve found the place! Clean Energy Economy Minnesota (CEEM) brings together those who are interested in the business of clean energy.

Every day, our team works to support and link together the people who are transforming our economy with clean energy innovations and big ideas. Whether through using energy more efficiently or developing solutions like wind, solar, biomass, and smart grid – rapid progress is being made helping to diversify and increase the security and resiliency of our state’s energy system – all while doing so cost-effectively.

Our organization is committed to nurturing our clean energy ecosystem, led by businesses and entrepreneurs, where market opportunities are identified, inspiration takes root, and relationships are forged to grow the overall size of the clean energy pie rather than each individual slice alone. We are also dedicated to ensuring both the accomplishments and needs of our industry are communicated with decision-makers in the private, public, academic, and non-profit sectors.

Through our blog, CEEM staff members will offer their insights and perspectives regarding activities and policies impacting the clean energy industry. We will also have guest bloggers and other authors working across our burgeoning clean energy sector post on this forum. Our goal is to provide you with interesting, informative, and timely posts that will serve as a valuable resource all while spurring a constructive dialogue regarding Minnesota’s clean energy economy.

We hope you enjoy reading the blog and look forward to connecting with you as part of our growing community!

– Gregg Mast

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