CEEM Becomes a Pipeline Partner for Prime Impact Fund

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Authored by Prime Coalition


Prime Impact Fund is excited to announce a pipeline partnership with Clean Energy Economy Minnesota. Prime Impact Fund is an investment vehicle of Prime Coalition, a 501c3 public charity that partners with philanthropists to place catalytic capital into breakthrough climate-focused ventures. Prime Impact Fund invests directly in companies that promise vast reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions, are not currently a fit for mainstream capital sources, and have a high potential for commercial success. Pipeline partners are organizations that work closely with entrepreneurs and innovators, and connect Prime to promising innovators in need of financial support.


Along with its climate mission, Prime is dedicated to evaluating companies across the country. In an environment where venture dollars tend to gravitate toward coastal companies, we seek to actively connect with entrepreneurs from every corner of the country, including the Midwest. This partnership with Clean Energy Economy Minnesota provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about the exciting innovations occurring within Minnesota and make the best investments possible to address our shared climate goals.

Learn more about Prime Coalition and the Prime Impact Fund at primecoalition.org.