Build Minnesota’s Talent Pipeline (And get an intern at a discount!)

April 16, 2018
Minnesota’s workforce shortage is a frequent topic of discussion. It’s a troubling issue that has the potential to squeeze quickly growing industries like clean energy.

Minnesota’s workforce shortage is a frequent topic of discussion. It’s a troubling issue that has the potential to squeeze quickly growing industries like clean energy.

scitechsperience logoFortunately, there are some fantastic resources that can help clean energy and energy efficiency businesses get a boost, like the SciTechsperience Internship Program, which provides small to mid-sized companies with a 50 percent wage match worth up to $2,500.

About SciTechsperience

This free state-funded program has no fees (really!), the company makes the hiring decision, and the reimbursement process is fast and easy. Companies can refer candidates to apply or look through a database of more than a thousand pre-qualified students. Businesses throughout Minnesota, from the Twin Cities, to Thief River Falls, to Winona, have all utilized the program, which launched in 2012. Additionally, the program runs year-round, so employers can hire an intern when it suits their business needs.

Students who qualify for the internships are working toward an Associates, Bachelors or Masters degree in a STEM (science, technology, engineering or math) field, and are a great fit for clean energy businesses. Eligible companies are:

  • For-profit, registered to do business in Minnesota
  • Have 250 or fewer employees worldwide
  • Working in Agriculture & Food Science, Biotechnology & Life Sciences, Fuels & Energy, Engineering Services; IT/Computer Technology; Mining, Materials, Manufacturing & Processing.
  • Additionally, the internship must be primarily STEM focused requiring analysis and problem-solving, design, implementation, research and/or field work (as opposed to a position in marketing, administration, purchasing, etc.)

Sound too good to be true? Here are some companies in the clean energy and energy efficiency space who have leveraged the program: 75F, Energy Insight, Ever Cat Fuels, TruNorth Solar and more.

marty morud trunorth solar with internMartin Morud from TruNorth Solar worked with an intern through the program for two years, and had this to say:
“Our intern Cody took initiative, fit in with our team and gave us the additional support we needed. It was a fantastic experience helping him learn the industry and working with SciTechsperience was a breeze.”

Ben Wallace, VP of Marketing at 75F said:
“75F is redefining the building automation market by leveraging emerging technologies, and we can’t do that without a pipeline of forward-thinking talent. SciTechsperience was a great opportunity to help a student explore the application of IoT and Machine Learning for Smart Buildings. Thank you. We’ll have another!”

The Impact

The magic of this program is that it delivers multiple benefits. It gives students hands-on learning and experience solving real business challenges. It also addresses immediate staffing needs and project support for companies. Furthermore, it serves students by introducing them to potential careers and employers–prepping students to join the clean energy economy upon graduation and build the industry’s bench of talent.

People working in clean energy and energy efficiency are problem-solvers, innovators and understand that return on investment is key. In order to continue building great companies and growing this industry we need great talent. SciTechsperience is an opportunity to support your business operations and help expand the pool of talented workers ready to enter the clean energy industry long-term.

Additional Resources

If you’re excited about the idea of a high-caliber intern, but need a permanent hire, take a look at AchieveMpls Career Readiness Initiative, which helps bridge the gap between companies that are looking for their future workforce and Minneapolis high school students. AchieveMpls can connect you with students through networking events, as well as worksite tours and job shadowing. Find out more about their programs or get in touch with their Career Readiness Program Manager James Houston.

If you have any questions about SciTechsperience, contact Becky Siekmeier at or call 952-230-4241.

– Posted by Lily

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