What we do

Clean Energy Economy MN (CEEM) develops and supports public policies that promote the growth of clean energy jobs and the economic opportunities provided by clean, affordable and reliable energy.

We share the stories of our energy efficiency and clean energy businesses with Minnesotans and policymakers at all levels of government.


Business voice of clean energy

We deliver the business voice of clean energy to decision makers, policymakers and the public.

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Data driven messaging

We use data to back up our messages and storytelling about clean energy jobs and markets to make us a trusted source of non-partisan information.

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Powerful storytelling

We offer compelling, narrative-rich clean energy education to further the clean energy economy in Minnesota.

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Political and regulatory strategy

We use a market-driven, business-focused strategy to be the go-to source for clean energy business representation across Minnesota.

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Connecting industry relationships

We bring powerful energy efficiency and clean energy business leaders together to foster innovation and new relationships.

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A unified clean energy business voice

At CEEM, we use a winning combination of strategy, relationships, data and storytelling to help bring the voice of energy efficiency and clean energy business to policymakers.

Whether it’s a front row hearing at the Minnesota Capitol, convening a panel of experts or traveling to the far corners of our state to highlight the innovative and ingenious ideas that our business members are making come to life, we are committed to delivering results and helping drive narrative changes around the transition to a clean energy economy.

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We work between the aisle with policymakers to advance energy efficiency and clean energy innovation that diversifies and strengthens Minnesota’s economy.

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With the only divided legislature in the country, our policy goals for the 2021 Legislative Session focused on areas where we saw viable bipartisan support; ECO, Community Solar Gardens and Building Performance Standards.

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CEEM works with Minnesota and Midwest regulatory bodies to ensure that clean energy policy is enacted in the best way for our member businesses and all Minnesotans.

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Learn about us

At CEEM, we are a group of highly skilled individuals with a shared passion — using the power of economics and storytelling to help educate Minnesotans about the benefits of building clean, reliable and affordable clean energy.

Who we are

CEEM provides the business voice for energy efficiency and clean energy in Minnesota. As an industry-led, nonprofit organization we promote the business case for energy efficiency and clean energy to drive innovation and expand market opportunities.

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Our history

CEEM was founded in 2016 by business leaders in the state’s clean energy industry to fill a gap in the energy efficiency and clean energy policy space.

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