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Clean Energy Economy MN (CEEM) provides the business voice for energy efficiency and clean energy in Minnesota. As an industry-led, nonprofit organization we educate Minnesotans and policymakers about the economic benefits of transitioning to a clean energy economy.

CEEM has more than 60 member companies, ranging from start-up businesses to Fortune 100 and 500 corporations that employ thousands of Minnesotans across the state. CEEM works across industries and between the aisle to support a prosperous clean energy economy for all Minnesotans.

Who we are

CEEM provides the business voice for energy efficiency and clean energy in Minnesota. As an industry-led, nonprofit organization we promote the business case for energy efficiency and clean energy to drive innovation and expand market opportunities.

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What we do

CEEM develops and supports public policies that promote the growth of clean energy jobs and the economic opportunities provided by clean, affordable and reliable energy.

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Our history

CEEM was founded in 2016 by business leaders in the state’s clean energy industry to fill a gap in the energy efficiency and clean energy policy space.

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Our mission

Our mission is to provide educational leadership, collaboration, and policy analysis that accelerates clean energy market growth and smart energy policies.

CEEM celebrates 5 years

CEEM celebrates five years of bringing the business voice of clean energy to decision makers at all levels of government. CEEM’s Executive Director and staff, board members and business members share what makes CEEM unique, why their work matters and puts into context the value of their work in Minnesota’s clean energy ecosystem.

Frequently asked questions

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Energy efficiency and clean energy businesses recognized that there was a need for a unified industry voice that represented their interests. Minnesota’s clean energy job sector was rapidly growing and businesses were experiencing unprecedented growth. A nonprofit that could represent the business and economic case for clean energy could help bridge the divide between Democrats and Republicans.

Minnesota is fortunate to be home to a vibrant and diligent nonprofit community. CEEM is proud to partner with several different business-focused nonprofits including Clean Grid Alliance (CGA, based in St. Paul), Ceres (based in Boston), Minnesota Conservative Energy Forum, Minnesota Solar Energy Industries Association (MnSEIA), Minnesota Center for Energy Environment, (CEE, based in Minneapolis) and many others.

As a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit, CEEM is a nonpartisan, education-focused entity and therefore does not endorse candidates running for political office. We do, however, educate Minnesotans about candidates running for office, as well as provide insights to the candidates themselves on clean energy issues in Minnesota.

You can learn the facts about clean energy in Minnesota in our 2021 Minnesota Energy Factsheet report. You can learn more about clean energy jobs in the state with our Clean Jobs Midwest report. You can also learn more with our “Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Clean Energy” blog.

As a member, your business receives access to business and community leaders as well as decision-makers and policymakers. You are invited to participate in local, state, and federal CEEM policy initiatives. You receive regular industry updates via the website and newsletter and can receive special speaking opportunities at CEEM events. You can learn about all of our membership benefits and how to become a member here.

CEEM provides a unified voice for energy efficiency and clean energy businesses working with legislators on both sides of the aisle. We focus on the business case for smart clean energy policies and how the right policy mix will open up the market and allow innovation to thrive. We also work to share the stories of clean energy workers and how clean energy businesses are making a positive difference in communities across the state.

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CEEM is fueled by the support of our contributing businesses, partners, and individuals working across Minnesota’s clean energy economy.

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3.4 2023 CJM stat graphic

Clean energy jobs grew 3.4% in 2022 – more than 50% faster Minnesota’s overall job growth.

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